About Us

In 2018, three friends with a love of subscription boxes & services came together with a goal to deliver a hub to search, compare, share and buy subscriptions.


While searching for our favourite things such as beer, shaving products, craft boxes for the kids or finding that right coffee, it was never clear if we had found the right product at the right cost as there was no single location to search and quickly compare such products.


The process for this search was time-consuming, frustrating, providing insufficient results and somewhat boring to be honest. In line with the products we were seeking, we wanted the discovery to be enjoyable, fun and quite frankly effortless but there was no single-pane-of-glass location to view a number of of options, quickly compare pricing and to find those products which fitted our lifestyles.


WhatSub was then born (over one or two beers of course..!) and during the next 12 months we spent countless hours searching and collating some of the thousands of subscriptions available. We of course found the common, well known brands quickly, however the more unique, quirky or better priced products were a lot harder to find, yet these products were equally as good as the others. The aim of our site is to bring together all of subscription providers, big or small, into a single place for the consumer to find the subscription they want, providing informative and to the point information.