Toucan Box


Toucan Box

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Starting from: £5.95

Date added: 9th October 2021


All the materials and inspiration you need to make two craft projects

High quality, safe craft materials. Illustrated, easy to follow instructions.

Packed with STEAM-inspired activities including puzzles, games, experiments, recipes and more.

Features your child’s name on the front, making each delivery a little more magical.

From the Partner

Inspired by Montessori learning and championing STEAM, each toucanBox is built by educational experts to help develop key skills.

Never miss a delivery! toucanBox fits through your letterbox, stashed with all the materials you need to make two crafts and is personally addressed to your child. Enjoy the hands-on process of making, then play!

Finished crafts turn into interactive games, dress-up, role-play, toys and much more. Our Care For Kids programme donates toucanBoxes to disadvantaged children during school holidays. Over 20,000 toucanBoxes have been donated so far!

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