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Starting from: £10.00

Date added: 23rd January 2022


3 gourmet teas chosen by you

1 discover tea sourced by us

Letterbox friendly subscription box

20-40 cups of tea per box

Incredible aromas and flavours

From the Partner

We are an award-winning tea subscription where our boxes are unique to every individual as our subscribers get a unique box each time based on their chosen preferences. Along with this, they get a golden discover tea to try and a surprise from us every month. We also have a complete Vegan-Friendly range our customers can choose from as well as being as eco-friendly as possible using recyclable material as well as much reusable material.

Choose the subscription from the following prices that you can afford and here are as follows:

· Monthly Subscription Cost £10.00

· 3 months subscription costs £28.50

· 6 months subscription costs £57.00

· 12 months subscription costs £112.00

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