Cocktail Crates


Cocktail Crates

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Starting from: £37.99

Date added: 17th September 2021


Carefully curated cocktail crates which include all of the ingredients you need to create awesome cocktails

Each crate contains at least 4 cocktails

Beautifully packaged in exclusive Cocktail Crate boxes

From the Partner

Cocktail Crates specialise in the sourcing of the best ingredients from across the world, to enable people create awesome cocktails in the comfort of their own homes.

Whether it’s a Long Island Iced Tea, a Mai Tai or a Mojito – there are Cocktail Crates for every occasion!

Our expert mixologists are constantly creating new and unique cocktail concoctions – join the cocktail club to have exclusive crates delivered direct to your door!

Cocktail Crates include the following cocktails, plus new ones that are being developed all the time:

  • Old Fashioned cocktail box
  • Pornstar Martini cocktail box
  • Mai Tai cocktail box
  • Zombie cocktail box
  • Espresso Martini cocktail box
  • Mojito cocktail box
  • Tequila Sunrise cocktail box
  • Mango Martini cocktail box
  • Pina Colada cocktail box
  • Bramble cocktail box
  • Long Island Iced Tea cocktail box
  • Apple Martini cocktail box
  • Manhattan cocktail box
  • Moscow Mule cocktail box
  • Bloody Mary cocktail box

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